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Learning Opportunities


If are interested in either of the below opportunities to learn, please contact


Children’s English Pathshala

We have a fantastic children’s Pathshala at the Mandir that runs every Sunday morning. We currently run 3 classes, for children aged 4 through to teenage years.


Adult English Pathshala

From Wednesday September 13th, we will be running an adult Pathshala at the Mandir, that is open to all ages (even those that are not quite “adults”). We will be teaching the principles of Jainism from a foundation level in a very interactive manner. The classes will be broadcast live on You Tube, and will also be recorded so that you never have to miss a lesson.


We already have over 60 people interested in joining the classes, either in person or remotely, so don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity that may not come around again.