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Not to be missed opportunities…

by Secretary SDJA on October 10th, 2014


Jai Jinendra!

As you are all aware, there are various study/ swadhyay sessions in addition to Pujya Gurudev Kanji Swami’s daily adhyatmic lectures taking place at the mandir. We have had a very pleasant feedback from one of our members and are sharing it with all of you as an inspiration to progress on your spiritual journey…
“I am overjoyed to see we are running four weekly classes in the evening’s and Sunday covering Tatvarth Sutra , Cha Dhala , Amulya Tatva Vichar and Karnanuyog in Gujarati , English and Hindi, We are now catering for all levels and languages to raise our understanding , clear any misconception’s and make our foundation stronger. This is a golden opportunity for all members to take benefit and should make every effort to attend classes regularly as you cannot value the effect of regular swadhyay.

Monday 8 to 9pm :Shastri Saurabhji is conducting class on Tatvarth Sutra and has his special way of explaining the basics in depth from many different angles , a must for everyone to re-engage with foundation of Jain Philosophy .

Wednesday 8 to 9.30pm : This very refreshing approach in English by Nirav as a study group with interactive participation from all attendees in simplified explanations of Jain philosophy for all beginners through Cha Dhala and this caters to all who find Gujarati and Hindi difficult , captivating one and half hours.

Friday 8 to 9pm : The class on ‘Amulya Tatva Vichar ‘ by Saurabh Shashtri is thought provoking in way we lead our lives and to know how important and valuable this ‘Manav Bhav’ is for all of us, all senior members find immense gratification and contentment.

Sunday 10.30 to 11.30am : Vidhvan Shitalbhai’s lecture on Karnanuyog are well attended and his study and explanation in simple Gujarati has a big following from our members.

Weekdays 10.30 to 11.30am : Zavubhai our regular vanchakar covers many topics in Gujarati which are captivating for all.”

If anyone is interested in conducting a paatshaala for the younger children, please kindly contact us. This class would ideally run between 10.30-11.30 am on Sundays, the idea being that whilst the adults attend Shitalbhai’s swadhyay, their children could attend paathshaala at the same time. Please come forward if you are able to share your knowledge.

Please also note that on Sunday 9th November, Heenaben Modi will be our guest speaker talking on ‘Do you think you are following a pure vegetarian diet?….Find out which items in your diet that may NOT be vegetarian!!’ The talk will start at 10.30 am in lieu of Vi. Shitalbhai’s class.

Jai Jinendra!

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