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Weekly Study Group, Panchkalyanak Mahotsav, ‘Jain Siddhant’ website

by admin on December 14th, 2013

Jai Jinendra!

Weekly Monday Study Group

Starting Monday 6th January 2014

We are pleased to announce that from Monday 6th January 2014, we will be running a weekly study group from 8 to 9.30pm, at the Mandir.

The sessions will be based on the shastra "Jain Sidhant Praveshika" by Pandit Shree Gopaldasji Baraiya.

This text is a concise but accurate introduction to the key principles of Jainism, covering a vast array of subjects in a very structured manor.

It is written in a simple Question-Answer format which will allow all participants to easily grasp even difficult concepts. This book can also be used as a Jain Dictionary.

The study group will be highly interactive, the aim being that everyone has a go at reading and trying to interpret the meaning of the various questions and answers for themselves. 

The discussions will all be conducted in English.

If you would like to attend the swadhyay sessions please contact to register your interest.

Panchkalyanak Mahotsav – Canada (Brampton, Ontario) 2014

6th – 13th July, 2014

We are pleased to share the news of the opening of a Shudh Terapanth Amnaay Temple, Bhagwaan Shri 1008 Adinatha Jain Temple, in the city of Brampton, Ontario – Canada.
The temple will house a 9" metal alloy Pratima of Shree Mahavirswami as ‘Vidhi Naayak’, a magnificient 51" tall white marble Pratima in sitting posture of Bhagwaan Adinath as ‘Mula Naayak’, a 41" tall white marble Pratima in same sitting posture of Bhagwaan Shantinath and Bhagwaan Mahavir and on either side of each there will be a 61" white marble Pratima of Bhagwaan Bharat and Bahubali.
There will be a team of well known scholars from india which includes Dr Hukumchandji Bharill, Bal Bhramchari Hemantbhai Gandhi (as Pratishtaacharya), Virendrakumar Jain – Agra, Sanjayji Zaver, etc
The organizers extend their invitatiions to you and your family/friends to participate and make this monumental event more graceful.

For further information, please contact:

On-line Jainism Resources
Launch of ‘Jain Siddhant’

We are also pleased to share the launch of the new Jainism website ‘Jain Siddhant’

Other Jainism webistes that have also very useful resources include:

These provide an incredible array of literature and audio to help you with personal swadhyay.

Jai Jinendra!

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