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Mandir Opening Times

Opening Times

Mornings: 07.45 – 11.15

Evenings: currently closed in evenings

Regular Weekly Programme

Below is our normal timetable, please note that this changes during special events and programmes. Please click here to see the latest news about special events.

Weekday Timetable

Abhishek & prakshalan 08.15 am
Puja 08.30 am
Gurudevshree’s Pravachan 09.30 am
Swadhyay 10.30 am


Weekend Timetable (& Bank/Public Holidays)

Abhishek & prakshalan 08.15 am
Gurudevshree’s Pravachan 08.30 am
Puja 09.30 am
Swadhyay 10.30 am
Pathshala 11.30 am (Sundays only)